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Burckhard 3rd Grade

Class Schedule

Counselor's Corner

Dewitz 2019


Mrs Anderson

Mrs. Anderson's Second Grade

Mrs. Austin's 3rd Grade

Mrs. Burckhard's 3rd Grade

Mrs. Burdick's First Grade

Mrs Burks 4th Grade

Mrs. Colby

Mrs. Colby's Class

Mrs. Collins' Critters

Mrs. Debertin's 4th Grade Classroom

Mrs. Dewitz's 4th Grade

Mrs. Dyke 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dyke's 2nd Grade

Mrs. Hoff's Kindergarten

Mrs. Keller's Kindergarten

Mrs. Keyes' Kindergarten

Mrs. Lucy's 3rd Grade

Mrs. McQueen's 5th Grade

Mrs. Murphy's Music

Mrs. Racine's 1st Grade

Mrs.Schimke's second grade

Mrs. Sorenson's Speech and Language Site

Mrs. Suko's Library

Mrs. Thorlaksen's First Grade!

Mrs. Wahlstrom

Resource Room

Title I Look-Alike